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HVAC Discharge Line Repair in Little Rock & Benton, AR

An HVAC discharge line carries pressurized liquid refrigerant out of the compressor to the condenser in your HVAC system. Over time, the gaskets that seal the refrigerant hoses can break down and leak refrigerant. Check for issues with your discharge line, like traces of refrigerant or signs of physical damage.

For HVAC discharge line repair issues, don't hesitate to call the professionals at Chenal Restoration. Potential water damage from a damaged HVAC discharge line can lead to more problems, repairs, expense and frustration. We are here to assist, and your total satisfaction is our top priority.

If you need assistance in Mayflower, England, Conway, Benton, or other cities we serve across Arkansas, call 866-971-5098 to learn more about our water or fire damage restoration services. Contact us online to book an appointment, ask about 24/7 emergency service or free estimates.

Causes of Clogged HVAC Discharge Lines

Chenal Knows HVAC Discharge Line Issues

A clogged HVAC discharge line can lead to a pipe leak. Reasons for these clogs include:

  • Accumulated dust and dirt: It is the most common reason behind a clogged HVAC discharge line. It's responsible for the lion's share of pipe leaks.
  • Frozen evaporator coil: This causes the HVAC discharge line to freeze and clog with ice. The pipe can break or leak as a result. In this scenario, flooding along the line is always a possibility.
Restoration Service of HVAC Discharge Lines

Why Chenal For HVAC Discharge Lines?

Reasons to trust Chenal Restoration professionals for superior HVAC discharge line repair:

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Quick response time
  • Customer satisfaction our top priority
  • Trained and certified professionals
  • Fully insured, licensed, and registered to operate in AR
  • Modern, advanced equipment and technology

Trust Chenal Restoration For Superior HVAC Discharge Line Repair in Benton, AR

Chenal Restoration has been an industry leader in damage restoration services, assisting clients in Little Rock, Bauxite, and throughout our AR service area for many years. In addition to HVAC discharge line repair, our services also include ceiling water damage, roof water damage, drywall water damage restoration and many more. Call us today at 866-971-5098 or contact us online to set up a consultation, inspection and estimate.