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Professional Soot Damage Repair in Arkansas

Damage caused by soot is particularly disappointing. For example, soot permeates through almost any material and leaves behind an unpleasant odor that can't be eliminated by traditional cleaning methods.

In order to remove soot, many contractors use a variety of dry and wet cleaning methods, some of which can't be relied upon to do the job. We at Chenal Restoration have devised a faster and more efficient method of removing soot.

With only a few easy actions, Soot damage repair service removes soot in an incredibly efficient manner. Minimize the soot damage and obtain rapid trustworthy restoration services now. Call 866-971-5098 to get help from a qualified soot cleaning specialist in your area.

Types of Soot Damage

  • Dry Soot: This type of soot occurs from extensive fire and is extremely tough to clean since the particles are so small that they can hide behind various surfaces and fractures.
  • Oily Soot: Oily soot is caused by puff backs and results in dark-colored soot on the surface.
  • Wet Soot: It results because of low heated fire. You can identify this with its strong smell.
  • Protein Soot: Protein soot is frequently undetectable and has the ability to discolor and damage paint and varnish. It has a very pungent smell and can sometimes be dim yellow in color.
Soot damage restoration

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