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Restoration Damages from Straight Line Winds

Straight-Line Wind Damage Restoration in Little Rock & Benton, AR

Restoration Damages from Straight Line Winds

Straight-line winds are powerful, fast-moving winds without swirling patterns, and they can cause extensive damage. Though not tornadoes, straight-line winds can cause their share of damage and inconvenience to many Arkansas homes, schools and businesses.

Mobile homes and vehicles are vulnerable to these winds, as are trees, windows, power/phone lines and poles, and other large structures that can cause debris pile-ups.

Chenal Restoration is a top certified straight-line wind damage restoration company in Arkansas with extensive experience in recovery from such a disaster.

If you live in Little Rock, Conway, Benton, Cabot, Mayflower, and all other Arkansas service areas, call Chenal Restoration at 501-509-8855. Our friendly customer service representatives will dispatch our technicians quickly to your home or business. Trust Chenal Restoration to get you up and going again!

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