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Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services in Enola, AR by Chenal Restoration

In the county of Faulkner lies the town of Enola, AR. It had a population of 338 according to the 2010 census. It has a very high earthquake index, which means the likelihood of earthquakes in Enola is higher compared to the rest of the United States. It also has a high tornado index and has experienced other extreme weather conditions including thunderstorm winds, floods, hail, ice storms, wildfires, landslides, winter storms, and heavy snow. All of these natural phenomena can cause considerable damage to properties and disrupt a lot of lives. Also, after the disaster is through, there’s still the challenge of restoration. Chenal Restoration is the respected fire and water damage restoration service provider in Enola. 

Chenal Restoration is dedicated to helping you get back to normal living after a disaster. We also aim to make it affordable as possible. While other companies may recommend totally discarding all your stuff and rebuilding from scratch, it could be very costly. Our approach is different because it’s more strategic. We will identify items that can be restored so you can save in the process. We will guide you in making smart decisions in your restoration project. 

Chenal Restoration Provides Construction Services in Enola, AR

Chenal Restoration is highly reputed to consistently provide water damage restoration and fire damage restoration services. Aside from those services, we also offer various other services around cleaning and construction. Below are some of the services we provide in Enola, AR.

  • Construction Services - After a disaster, Chenal Restoration can work with you to identify which parts of a property can be restored and which parts will need reconstruction. We specialize in restoration services and you can rely on us to understand the nuances of restoration construction. We know the best way to handle reconstruction after a disaster. We love to help you save money in the process by guiding you in making smart decisions. 
  • Mold Remediation - Don’t be fooled by how harmless mold can look. Mold can grow rapidly and take over a property. Mold can cause respiratory problems particularly to those with asthma and those who have allergies to mold spores. Aside from health issues, mold can also cause structural damage. We will mitigate mold growth in your property and identify the cause of mold growth to prevent it from happening again. 
  • Odor Removal - A well-cleaned home or office can be ruined by offensive odors such as tobacco smell, pet urine odor, blood, and other bodily fluids, and chemical spill odors. Our experts at Chenal Restoration knows exactly how to deal with specific odors and will use the right odor-removing materials and equipment. 

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The best way to handle restoration work is to act as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer an emergency response service so you can contact us anytime and expect help to arrive. You can reach us 24/7, all days of the week throughout the year. For more information or to send us a message, please visit our Contact Us page. You can also call 866-971-5098 to speak to a representative.