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A/C Unit Drain Overflow

A/C Unit Drain Overflow Cleanup in Little Rock & Benton, AR

When condensation builds up in your air conditioning system over time, it might not drain properly. The condensation drain pipe or outflow can become clogged with sediment, limescale from hard water or other foreign matter. If condensed water can't flow out, it eventually causes an A/C unit drain overflow.

This overflow can lead to algae and mold growth inside the drain, increasing indoor humidity, musty odors, and eventually water damage to your home.

Chenal Restoration is a locally owned and operated general contractor and restoration company that has served the Little Rock, AR, area, including Conway, Coy, England, Enola, Greenbrier, Guy, Hensley, and more cities in our AR service area. We have solutions for all types of water damage, including A/C unit drain overflow cleanup.

Call 501-509-8855 or contact us online today to learn more our A/C unit drain overflow cleanup and other appliance services, or to arrange a consultation.

Chenal Diagnoses These A/C Unit Drain Overflow Issues in Conway, AR

The professionals at Chenal Restoration will quickly determine what caused your A/C unit drain overflow before any damage cleanup or restoration begins. A/C drain unit overflow issues include:

A/C Drain Overflow Issues and Solutions

Clogged drain line: A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water leaking from your A/C into your home. If the drain line gets clogged with dust, dirt, sludge, or mold, that water backs up into your home.

Mold, algae, etc.: When an A/C drain pan is full of water, the most common culprit is a clogged drain pipe. Inside refrigerant coils and pipes is a breeding ground for algae, mold, and the like. Over time, algae and mold can clog the A/C drain pipe and cause water to build up and leak into the drain pan.

Cracked or corroded drain line, leaks: A/C unit drain overflow can also originate from a cracked or corroded condensate drain pan. The drain line can form cracks or holes due to stress, accidental impact, or age. Clogs caused by debris or mold can also cause leaks through an overflowing condensate drain pan.

HVAC system damage: Clogged drain water can back up into your HVAC system, resulting in water damage and other issues.

A/C Drain Overflow Problems

A/C Drain Unit Overflow Can Damage HVAC

Water from an an A/C unit drain overflow or blockage can overflow into your attic or HVAC closet, wreaking havoc on your system and forcing it to shut down, delay water flow, or causing water damage.

If the drain pipe from your A/C unit overflows, humidity levels in your home can rise to levels that encourage mold, mildew or algae growth. These microorganisms can contaminate your indoor air quality cause respiratory and other health hazards. Your A/C components can be damaged, as well as your A/C condensate drain unit clogged.

Trust Chenal Restoration For A/C Unit Drain Overflow in Little Rock & Benton, AR

At Chenal Restoration, our technicians are certified appliance and appliance leak experts. Our additional services include water damage, fire and smoke damage, storm and flood damage, emergency responses, construction service, mold remediation, commercial service, and many more.

We offer A/C unit drain overflow assistance in Austin, Bauxite, Beebe, Benton, Bryant, Cabot, Carlisle, College Station, and throughout  our Little Rock service area. Call us at 501-509-8855 or contact us online today to learn more our A/C unit services, or to arrange a consultation.

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