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Wet Insulation Services

Clueless about Wet Insulation and how it can affect the structure of your home? Wet insulation means trapped moisture that will slowly degrade the entire roofing system, from the decking to the building itself. Trapped moisture encourages corrosion of roofing fasteners and rusting of steel studs and wall ties, which reduce wind-uplift ratings.

Chenal Restoration is the best for finding the best solution for your Wet Insulation and our experts will work hard to get your home in lesser problems which it deserves. If you are living in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Conway, Benton, Mayflower, Cabot, and many more areas covering Arkansas then please give us a call at 501-509-8855 and we will handle the rest for you.

How Do We Solve Wet Insulation

How Do We Solve Wet Insulation Problems?

You would need to first need to open the wall cavity to determine if it is wet and allow the insulation and adjacent materials to dry. If the source of moisture is from the inside of a wall (for example a pipe leak in the wall), and if the insulation is not dry within 2-3 days, it should be removed. It's always safe to call professionals such as ourselves when you detect any sort of wet insulation problems.

Our experts will use a moisture meter to detect if your insulation is wet or dry.

Chenal Restoration is Your Best Wet Insulation Solution Provider in Arkansas

Chenal Restoration knows how clumsy and problematic wet insulation can be for any homeowner in Arkansas. We take great responsibility in giving you the right service with advanced equipment. We have licensed and well-trained experts in our state-of-art-facility who are just one call away to fix your wet insulation problems. They will dry out your insulation completely and give you long term assurance. Call us today at 501-509-8855 and our friendly customer care will answer your call as soon as possible.

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