Kitchen Fires in Little Rock, AR

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Your kitchen is used for cooking and eating, so you are probably aware that stovetops and other appliances are used for cooking and preparing meals. Although you may have enough experience in the kitchen, it is still possible that a fire can start even without you knowing it.

Kitchen Fire

Fires are known to be destructive events capable of eating through any space, and if one occurs in your kitchen, you can either put it out or call the fire department for help. There are a lot of reasons why fires can start in your kitchen, but the most common causes often include:

  • - The fryer’s temperature is set too high
  • - Flammable oils not kept/cleaned properly
  • - Frying pans that are left under the fire (causing grease fires)
  • - Leaving stoves on (causing stove fires)
  • - Flue and ventilation ducts are filled with fat deposits
  • - Fire alarm detectors/sprinklers are no longer functioning

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Before leaving the kitchen, it is always best to double check your surroundings. In order to prevent kitchen fires, be sure to switch off kitchen appliances and properly store flammable chemicals in the right place. It is also wise to fortify your kitchen with the proper safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers) and have your current fire alarm systems maintained.

Contact Chenal Restoration When Cleaning Up Is Not Enough

If ever your property has been struck by a kitchen fire, it is impossible to go through the aftermath alone. Sure, it is easy to clean up all the charred remains, but this doesn't mean that the surrounding is completely safe. Smoke and soot still linger in the area, and exposing yourself to these substances is harmful to your health. When cleaning up is not enough, contact Chenal Restoration  to get the help that you need.

Our fire and smoke damage services  can do more than get rid of soot and the smell of smoke. Our expertly trained workers will make sure that your kitchen is free from any kind of damage. Give us a call at 501-226-2491 or visit Chenal Restoration contact page  if you have further questions. All the services Chenal Restorationprovides are available to properties located in Little Rock, AR. 

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My home was vandalized and Chenal Restoration was recommended to me by the Little Rock Police Department. One phone call and they arrived, with everything needed to help me feel secure again, before the police were even finished with their report. These guys are fantastic - highly recommend!.

Tara Caudle

Chenal Restorations replaced our roof after considerable hail damage. And they helped us with our homeowners insurance claim. The work was completed on time and on budget. I recommend Chenal Restorations.

Rickey Tilley

One of my buildings flooded, and Chenal Restoration acted promptly to dry out the water and repair the damage quickly. I was pleased with the work, and the price they charged was very fair.

Steve Niswanger
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