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Fire Damaged Garage Restoration in Little Rock

Chemicals, trash, or other flammable items can help ignite and fuel garage fires. If they break out in attached garages, these fires can be especially hazardous for homes. Suppression systems, fire extinguishers or alarm systems in garages are frequently not present.

For fire damaged garage restoration, rely on the experts at Chenal Restoration. We'll clean up, salvage contents, and restore your garage to its previous working condition. We provide insurance claim support and provide the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your garage fire restoration and recovery. Call or contact us online to reach a Chenal Restoration fire damaged garage expert.

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Common Garage Fire Hazards in Conway & Bryant

Garage fires can occur under various conditions. Rely on Chenal Restoration to rebuild after garage fires that result from any of the following:

Some Common Causes of Garage Fires
  • Electrical issues: Overloaded electrical outlets or damaged circuits are frequent garage fire culprits. It's often recommended to avoid overuse of extension cables and chain protectors.
  • Garage clutter: Dried-out trash, cloth, or other discarded material is often forgotten and not removed from harm's way.
  • Flammable liquids: Oils, cleaning solutions, paint thinners, gasoline cans, and more flammable substances are often stored in garages. They're frequent hazards when a fire breaks out and should be kept as far as possible from heat sources.
  • Propane tanks: Propane tanks are also frequently stored in garages, particularly during barbecue season. They should be properly sealed and moved to a safer garage or outdoor location.
  • Unsafe maintenance: Garages should be free of objects or clutter that could potentially ignite under unsafe conditions. It's essential to keep garages clear of flammable materials or hazardous items.

Why Us For Immediate Garage Fire Damage Response?

If left ignored, garage fire damage can have unpredictable effects, including serious structural damage and costly repairs. D-I-Y approaches are ineffective at reducing hazardous smoking odors, which can drastically decline air quality. They can also lead to potential health hazards such as coughing, allergy issues, and breathing difficulties.

High humidity or moisture in garages can promote the growth of mold or mildew, complicating the restoration procedure. Timely and experienced restoration is necessary to properly address all damage, including fire damage cleanup, water removal, smoke odors or residue, and mold growth for a safe and healthy atmosphere.

Our Reliable Garage Fire Damage Restoration Process

Chenal Restoration responds quickly to address garage fire damage and restore garages to their original condition and use. Our fire damaged garage cleanup and restoration process includes the following:

Damaged garage restoring
  • Inspect and assess: Our team conducts a thorough inspection of the garage to assess the extent of the fire damage. This includes evaluating structural integrity, identifying areas affected by smoke and soot, and determining the scope of work needed for complete restoration.
  • Secure work area: We protect the damaged area to avoid additional damage and assure safety. To ensure a safe working environment, windows may need to be boarded up, weakened buildings reinforced, and trash removed.
  • Water removal and drying: If water remains after fire operations, we rapidly recover it and thoroughly dry the area with industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers. This step is vital in preventing mold development and further structural damage.
  • Smoke and soot removal: Our professionals utilize specialized equipment and procedures to clean smoke- and soot-covered surfaces, along with smoky odors. This includes walls, ceilings, flooring, and any functional stuff. We ensure that all residues are thoroughly cleaned to prevent future damage and that your garage smells fresh and clean.
  • Structural repairs: Our trained crew will restore any fire-related structural damage. We will replace damaged drywall, repair or replace support beams, and restore electrical systems to maintain the safety and functionality of your garage.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing: We thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces and contents within the garage. This step is essential to remove any remaining contaminants and ensure a healthy environment.
  • Rebuild and restore: We restore your garage to its pre-fire condition, including painting, flooring, and any other necessary finishes.
  • Follow-up inspection: After the restoration is completed, we perform one final inspection to ensure that all work meets our high standards. We also offer follow-up assistance to resolve any problems and ensure your complete satisfaction.
Fire extinguisher installed in the garage

Garage Fire Prevention

Preventative measures against potential garage fires include the the following:

  • Store flammable objects in a secured, well-sealed place.
  • Keep fire extinguishers and water sources nearby.
  • Be safe while using electrical tools or machinery.
  • Keep combustible items or substances clear of heat sources.
  • Do not cook or grill in garages.

We're Garage Fire Damage Experts Across Arkansas

Chenal Restoration has been serving Arkansas communities for over 75 years. We deliver the highest quality fire damaged garage repair and restoration with the latest expertise and equipment. Choose us for the following:

  • Fully insured and certified provider
  • 24/7 emergency response for damage
  • Superior customer reviews and ratings
  • Insurance claim support
  • Highest quality products and brands

Restore Your Fire-Damaged Garage With Us in Benton & Searcy

Chenal Restoration has garage fire damage solutions you need in Little Rock, Benton, Conway, Cabot, and more Arkansas cities. Our dedicated experts deliver the results and satisfaction you expect. We also assist customers with kitchen fires, smoke odor removal, duct system smoke removal, contents pack-out, and much more.

We'll also work directly with your insurance provider for claim support to help ease your burden during the damage recovery process. Call 501-509-8855 or contact us online for an appointment with a Chenal garage fire damage restoration specialist.

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