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Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore to Prevent Electrical Fires

An electrical wire on fire due to overloading or short circuit

Faulty electrical wiring is the leading cause of electrical fires in homes, which take the lives of more than 400 people every year in the United States and cause over $1.4 billion in direct property damage.

Faulty electrical wiring can be caused by any number of things, from badly installed systems brought about by negligence or poor workmanship to natural breakdown due to the advanced age of the system.

Overloaded systems tend to have strong electrical currents running through the wires, causing them to heat up in the process. The situation can become a real danger when the system heats up enough for ignition to happen, causing fire in the process.

Is your system experiencing malfunction that could possibly lead to a fire? Check it for the following warning signs: 

  • Circuits break and fuses blow all the time
  • Lights flicker all the time
  • Outlets become discolored or disfigured
  • Sparks shoot out of outlets
  • Outlets and switches heat up
  • Outlets and switches cause light electrocution when touched

If you suspect that your system is experiencing overloading or failure, don’t delay getting help from a professional electrician to avert the possibility of fire.

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