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Structural Damage Assessment: Is it Time to Repair or Replace?

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The weather is unpredictable; its “mood” plays around the spectrum between quite harmless and seriously devastating. However, be it gentle or catastrophic the weather is outside, your home, business, institution, or industrial properties, are still susceptible from sustaining weather damage.

Property damages caused by the weather can happen during and after it has passed. How so, you may ask? During a thunderstorm, it is inevitable that some houses will be flooded. Floods are able to destroy one’s property and create hidden dangers under its waters. If an earthquake ensues, the walls, floors, ceilings, and items in your space can all come crashing down in mere seconds. The danger however, does not end there. Fires, mold infestation, and possible injuries from falling debris are still present even after the worst has passed.

For massive cleanups, the best solution is to call the professionals for a safer and faster job. However, what if the situation is manageable; what if your property or items is still salvageable even after all it had sustained?

There is a different between repairing something and replacing it entirely. When it comes to making repairs, you are able to see the potential of that certain item working again or returning to its primary aspect. With replacement however, you are throwing out that item and exchanging it for a new one.

It is important to know which aspects of your home needs to be repaired or replaced for two main reasons: (1) safety and (2) cost.


Depending on the damage, repairing an item can be cheaper or more expensive than replacing it entirely. The best way to utilize repairs is to only repair items and structures that are still salvageable. Holes in roofs and walls, small cracks, and unhinged doors and windows are quick to fix. Doing it by yourself can save you more money than hiring professionals. Remember, repair structures and items that are easy to fix and has the potential to work once again. Fixing major damages is unsafe and unnecessary, especially if the structure is beyond help.


Replacement works best if the structure or item has sustained major damages. Blown out windows and roofs, broken pipes, and torn walls and floors are just some of the many possible situations that need to be immediately replaced. For one thing, it cannot be repaired – no matter how hard you try, but the most important reason as to why it should be replaced is for everyone’s safety. These structures and items can become more of a harmful presence because they can no longer perform their primary function, and turn into obstructions and debris that can potentially injure or kill someone.

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