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An Overview of How Content Restoration Works

If you have had the misfortune of experiencing a series of unfortunate events such as a terrible fire, flooding, pipe breaks, or even disadvantageous conditions such as humidity, these situations can quickly destroy paper documents, books and records. Now, instead of mourning the loss of these important things, we can turn to content recovery and restoration methods; this begins with an initial phone consultation so we have an idea of your loss and to review the many options that we can employ to ensure that your documents are taken care of.

After we have spoken with you to assess the damage that your documents have survived through, the next step is to establish the proper protocol in our restoration facility, depending on the type of damage that was endured.

The Documents Restoration Process

When we hear the words ‘restoration,’ we often associate it with buildings, paintings, or even toys. But documents, old books and archaeological sites can also be ‘restored.’ A document that needs to be renovated is, simply put, a document that is corrupted or damaged due to natural calamities, such as fire or floods. The document is made of paper, and paper is a substance that is affected by heat and humidity; and various chemicals may react in the paper itself from damage and corrosion, such as insects. Paper damage, however, need not be caused by the elements. Poor storage and negligence to conservation can damage precious documents at an alarming rate.

Restoration is the process of renovating documents with the goal of trying to bring it to its former glory as much as possible, while prolonging its life and saving it from future damage. The words “conservation” and “restoration” are linked because the process of restoration will save the document for future use. There would be very little point if important memories and documents were restored to their original condition, and then left in the same storage conditions that led to their demise in the first place.

Handling The Documents

Trying to salvage your possessions on your own is an ultimately futile effort. Simple cleaning efforts won’t remove persistent stains like those caused by soot or smoke damage. In cases such as these, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Skilled restoration technicians employ various techniques that can effectively clean and restore your items, depending on the type of damage that they have sustained, as well as the composition of the items.

When handling very fragile and fragmented documents, certain specialized tools must be used. Touching a fragile document with your bare hands may only increase damage. However, when properly utilized, the hands can be used for maintenance and restoration of documents. It remains a long and complex process, often requiring several stages and the aid of several specialists, as various purification chemicals are carefully applied to get rid of acids, dust, and insects.

Afterwards, the document will be processed depending on its condition to ensure that it is completely saved. Finally, the documents are packaged in a special kind of plastic to shield them from the elements that led to their damaged state in the first place.

As a practice, restoration is a highly specialized business; and, for any person that wishes to work in this field of study, gaining theoretical knowledge is critical, as well as years of practical work in handling the restoration of documents.

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