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How to Prepare an Emergency Response Plan for Your Home

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Disasters can strike in the subtlest of ways. Clear blue skies can easily transform into dark heavy clouds in seconds, leading to wind or storm damage. Given that fact, homeowners do their best to fortify their properties with the proper materials; however, when it comes to unforeseen and dangerous events, it is always in their best interest to keep their families safe.

The Benefits of an Emergency Response Plan for your Family

Creating an emergency response plan is the surest way for you and your family to escape various disastrous events unscathed. Although it is virtually impossible to control these kinds of elements, you still have the power to change the outcome with the proper preparations.

If you have no idea where to even begin your emergency response plan, consider following these tips.

Make a plan for all types of disasters

The delivery and aftermaths of fires, floods, and strong winds and storms differ from one another. Do not think that once you have created a plan for one type of disaster, you and your family are in the clear.

There are times wherein these events will create different scenarios, and you must be certain that everyone in your care must know what to do if ever they have succumbed to that situation. For example, during floods, it is wise to look for higher ground so that the current does not sweep you away. During the event of an indoor fire disaster, however, leaving the premises as soon as possible is the best decision to make.

Stock up on the essentials beforehand

Some disasters, such as strong winds and storms, can trap you inside of your home; depending on the severity of the disaster, you can be stuck there for days, or even weeks. It is good to stock up on supplies beforehand – especially if there is an upcoming storm. When you prepare for your essentials, make sure to count everyone in your list so that there will be enough to go around.

Items that you should consider getting include:

  • Food (e.g. canned goods)
  • Water (which could last at least one week for each individual)
  • Charged cellphone (should only be used for emergencies)
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kit
  • Radio

Have your personal information at the ready

It is important that everyone in your family has their personal information with them nearby because there are times wherein someone can get separated during the disaster. By having the information at hand, it will be much easier for you to find the missing person. Each personal information card must include the person’s name, contact number, address, and primary and secondary emergency contacts.

Create a designated meeting place

Setting a meet-up place is one way to get everyone assembled – especially if you are facing fire related disasters. When an area has been chosen, you and your family will instinctively run to that location because you know that that place is safe and easy to get to.

Follow the rescue operators

If, by any chance, rescuers have come to your aid, you need to put your trust in them because they are the only people who know how to get you out of certain situations. Remember to keep calm and listen carefully to their directions because one mistake can lead to further injuries, damages, and unwanted situations.

Call for help

Once you are in the clear, immediately call in the professionals to deal with the damages you have sustained. Be it bodily or property damage, there is a number you can dial that will solve all your problems.

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