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Cleaning Tips for Water Damaged Homes

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Indoor flooding can be caused by natural and in-home disasters. Be it from floods caused by storms or by a burst pipe under your home, the aftermath of such disasters can range from something as simple as a puddle in one corner of the room, to something as complicated as knee-high floods. Whatever the cause of the flooding, as a responsible homeowner, you want to rid your home from these unwanted damages in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

Depending on the damage caused, some cleaning methods are doable through the do-it-yourself process. However, if the situation is beyond your control, the best choice to clear water damage is by contacting the professionals as soon as possible.

DIY Cleaning Tips

There is no need to call in the experts when you are dealing with simple water damage cleanups. By following these steps, you will be able to restore the damaged areas of your home back to its original pre-damaged condition.

Gearing Up

To avoid unforeseen accidents, wear boots to protect your feet and gloves to shield your hands. Some debris such as loose nails and splinters cannot be seen under all that murky water. It is always best to protect yourself before tackling any cleaning job in this scale.

Prep the Surrounding For Safety

You DO NOT want to be cleaning in a high risk area. Hazards such as open wires, sharp obstructions, and excess moisture can lead to fatal wounds and injuries. To prepare the area, you begin by turning off the main power of your home and unplugging all electrical devices in the afflicted area. Without the flow of electricity, you are avoiding the possibility of accidentally electrocuting yourself.

Next, you would need to turn off the main power of your water. This step only applies if the damage is caused by in-door problems such as burst pipes. You do not want more water coming in to your home. Turning off your main water supply will not only stop the water from rushing in your home, but also, makes it easier for you to clean.

Moisture is the Enemy

Keeping the floors, walls, and items in the area wet may lead to slipping, mold, and damaged furniture. Water and time become your enemy; so once the area has been cleared for safety, immediately dry the area. Old fashioned methods such as mopping or towel drying will do fine, but for a faster process, you may use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to get rid of the excess liquid. REMEMBER not to plug the vacuum cleaner in nearby sockets nor use an extension cord for that matter. Always go for the safest option when drying up the place.

As for drying the furniture, you may want to bring them outside and have them sun dried.

Drying Up the Area

To quickly dry up the afflicted area, open all the doors and windows of the room. You may also use your electric and ceiling fans to aid with the drying process. If you have the cash, rent out or purchase a dehumidifier.

Disinfect the Area

After everything is dry, disinfect the whole area to prevent bacteria and other harmful substances from spreading into your home.

Say NO to Mold Growth

Molds are secondary problems caused by water damage. If they are not completely eradicated, you will be risking the health of you and your family, and weaken your home’s integral structure.

To prevent the growth of mold, clean the areas with cleaning products with a 10% bleach solution on their label. To do this, apply the solution on the affected area for at least 10 minutes, before rinsing it clean with water or drying. If you are unsure of the damage or damages caused by mold, contact restoration companies as soon as possible, so that they may be able to perform mold remediation on the mold infested area.

Throw Out Unsalvageable Items

Some items cannot be saved after the damage has been done. If the item cannot be rescued through any method, the best choice is to throw it away to prevent it from causing further damage and occupying much needed space. If your items are valuable, a family heirloom, or antiques however, it is good to know that some restoration companies offer content restoration, to save all those much loved items.

Cleaning up your home after it has sustained water damages can be easy, but if you cannot handle the situation, the best decision is to always rely on the professionals for help.

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