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Restoration of Mold Damage from Leak in Hot Springs, Little Rock & Benton, AR

We all know that moisture is the main reason for mold and mildew growth. When a leak occurs in the basement or any other place, the whole site gets wet. Standing water is extremely harmful to a structure's overall integrity we all know. But the damp environment causes an unhealthy indoor environment and helps mold to form.

Mold can cause a lot of health issues ranging from respiratory problems to allergy etc. Black mold can lead one to their deathbed as well. As a conscious property owner, you must call a professional company like Chenal Restoration for restoration work when a leak occurs. Leaving it like that would land you in mold trouble. The longer you wait, the more complex and costlier to clean up the place and do mold remediation work.

Let not mold infestation interfere with your healthy life just because there is a leak in your place. Call us at 866-971-5098 for mold issues from leak your property in Beebe, Carlisle, Greenbrier, Hensley, or our other service areas, and we will take care of the whole situation.


Common Causes of Mold Damage

There are some common causes of mold damage to occur. Moisture is the main culprit for mold and mildew growth. So when water damage occurs in your place, it needs to be taken care of immediately as leaving it like that would result in many issues, and mold is one of them. Here are some common causes of mold damage-

  • Appliance leak
  • Broken pipe
  • Flooding
  • Roof leak
  • Sewer backup


Hot Springs & Little Rock’s Water Damage Restoration Provided by Chenal Restoration

Here are some water damage restoration services we provide for you to choose from-

Why Choose Us for Mold Damage Restoration From Leak Throughout Arkansas

Our company is a leading contractor in restoration throughout Little Rock, Arkansas, for quality disaster restoration work. Our customer service is industry-leading with a 24/7 emergency response.

We are a registered, licensed, and bonded company. Count on Chenal Restoration for any restoration work like mold damage from the leak. We can help you with your insurance claim as well. Contact us today to connect us online or call us at 866-971-5098 to know further information.