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Chenal Restoration takes the best care of your rugs in all situations. Whether you have restoration issues or normal rug/carpet cleaning necessity we can do it all. During any natural disasters, it is very to keep control over our mental health as our home is continuously under threat of damages from water, fire, storm or flood, and more.

What's more saddening is our carpets will get mostly affected and if not treated early we may see permanent damage for many years. Our hot water extraction process provides a deep-down cleaning of carpet to remove soil, stains, and odors. Most of the spots on the carpet can be cleaned in one to three washes. But the stronger ones, better known as ‘stains’, require special removal techniques.

Chenal Restoration will help you recapture your beautiful carpets by providing superior stain removal services in Cabot, Benton, Mayflower, and other Arkansas cities. When you need our help, give us a call at 866-971-5098 and our certified technicians will do the rest.

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Causes of Carpet Stains

Common causes of carpet stains include:

  • ✓ Acid - If your pet or child throws up on the carpet there are sure to be plenty of acids present in the spill, which could cause staining.
  • ✓ Bleach - Chlorine bleach will create permanent stains by removing the dye from the area it is spilled on. This is especially true for nylon carpets. Other fibers like polyester or acrylic may not be affected by bleach.
  • ✓ Pets - Sometimes pet stains come out easily with just an over-the-counter cleaning procedure. At other times, they require specialized stain removal techniques. Unfortunately, pet stains can also be permanent. Prompt attention to a pet accident will help prevent it from being a permanent stain.
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Let Us Remove Stains from Your Carpet in Mayflower, Little Rock, & Benton

Chenal Restoration employs licensed experts with vast experience in carpet cleaning services. For our certified technicians, removing tough carpet stains is a daily experience. When you are in need of our services in Bauxite, Greenbrier, Benton, Mayflower, and other Arkansas cities, be sure to contact us online or give us a call at 866-971-5098.

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What Our Client’s Says

My home was vandalized and Chenal Restoration was recommended to me by the Sherwood Police Department. One phone call and they arrived, with everything needed to help me feel secure again, before the police were even finished with their report. These guys are fantastic - highly recommend!.

Tara Caudle

Chenal Restorations replaced our roof after considerable hail damage. And they helped us with our homeowners insurance claim. The work was completed on time and on budget. I recommend Chenal Restorations.

Rickey Tilley

One of my buildings flooded, and Chenal Restoration acted promptly to dry out the water and repair the damage quickly. I was pleased with the work, and the price they charged was very fair.

Steve Niswanger
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