Appliance Leak Prevention Tips in Sherwood, AR

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Appliance leaks, overflows and resulting floods often are caused by leaks you don't notice, or by ones you tend to ignore. Many homeowners believe minor leaks can't do major harm. However, any leak has the potential for immediate or future water damage, and (worse) mold growth. Stopping any leak to prevent further damage, repair cost, health hazards or any future issue is important and requires professional attention.

Chenal Restoration is your local, trusted restoration company in Sherwood, AR for property damage restoration, including appliance leaks, cleanup and repairs. Our years of knowledge and experience have served customers in Sherwood, AR.

Don't let an appliance issue get away from you. Trust the Chenal Restoration professionals for appliance leak cleanup and water damage, as well as our appliance leak prevention tips. Call 501-226-2491 or contact us online today to learn more our appliance leak services, or to arrange a consultation.

Chenal Has Appliance Leak Prevention Tips For Sherwood, AR

Slow leaks and drips can lead to appliance flooding and water damage, as well as hidden mold damage. To minimize, stop or avoid appliance leaks and water damage altogether, Chenal Restoration recommends these appliance leak prevention tips.


  • ✓ Make sure the valves are not too loose.
  • ✓ Buy a new dishwasher if your old one has lasted for more than 10 years.
  • ✓ Keep the dishwasher drain clean.
  • ✓ Make sure the gasket, spray arm, and float switch are functioning properly.

Washing machine

  • ✓ Install a flood sensor.
  • ✓ Install a single-lever shutoff valve.
  • ✓ Replace the supply lines every five years.
  • ✓ Do not overload the machine.
  • Turn off the valves when you plan to be away from your home for a long period.

Air conditioner

  • ✓ Make sure the air filters are cleaned at least twice a year.
  • ✓ Ensure the ductwork is properly insulated.
  • ✓ Get your AC refrigerant levels checked periodically.


  • ✓ Clean the gaskets regularly and change filters when needed.
  • ✓ Clean the coils once or twice a year.
  • ✓ Do not overload the refrigerator.

Ice maker

  • ✓ Periodically inspect behind refrigerator for any signs of moisture or leaks.
  • ✓ Replace plastic supply tube with a stainless-steel braided water line for a longer life cycle.

Appliance leaks can be stopped or controlled by turning off the water source, such as a washing machine connector or dishwasher hose. Either cut off the water main or the appliance's water supply. Move or raise furniture and other appliances and dry if possible to avoid further damage after a flood has occurred.

Remove any carpet or rugs that can be relocated, and contact the professionals at Chenal Restoration as soon as possible. Make sure pressurized water lines into your home appliances are undamaged and have tightened fittings. For appliance leak cleanup and repair, trust Chenal.

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At Chenal Restoration, our technicians are certified appliance and appliance leak experts. Our additional services include water damage, fire and smoke damage, storm and flood damage, emergency responses, construction service, mold remediation, commercial service, and many more.

We offer appliance leak assistance in Sherwood, AR. Call us at 501-226-2491 or contact us online today to learn more our appliance leak services, or to arrange a consultation.

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